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Skinetex Skinetex Kinesiology Tape - SX K TAPE


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  • Adhesive strength: Strong
  • Flexibility: 180%, same as the skin to be more comfortable and to allow full range of motion
  • 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Comfortable to wear with less reaction to sensitive skin.
  • Designed to keep its elasticity longer than the competitors
  • Water resistant
  • Can last up to 5 days
  • Skinetex Tape is a drug-free option that allows anyone to recover from injuries quicker, help relieve pain, improve athletic performance and ultimately reclaim their freedom to continue excelling at what they enjoy doing.

    The elasticity of the Skinetex tape lifts the skin creating less pressure between the skin and the muscle. This then provide better lymph drainage and blood flow where the tape was applied. Better blood flow help injuries recover quicker while providing more oxygen to the muscle enhancing muscle endurance.

    The tape also takes a small load off the muscle when stretched along the desired muscle. This gives the muscle more rest to recover quicker. Skinetex helps supports muscles, tendons, and joints. It makes a good substitute for those who do not want to wear the traditional braces who tend to restrict movement and sometimes even blood circulation. Skinetex will offer support to muscles, tendons, and joints while allowing full range of movement.

    Form & Posture: When Skinetex Kinesiology tape is applied a certain way, it can help to correct form and posture. When the body is in an improper form, the tape will have a slight pulling effect reminding the body to correct its form.


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