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Ryders Jolt - R851


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  • All frames (with the exception of metals) are made with TR90, a material known for its extreme flexibility and light weight, which translates into comfort.
  • Metal frames are made with hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant nickel silver (18%), a relatively flexible, strong frame material.
  • Hydrophilic (anti-slip) nose pads are added to all models to prevent bouncing or sliding down your nose.
  • Small Fit - 24g
  • Full rim glasses have a frame that encases the entire lens. On most models, this creates a more rugged look and is usually the preference of people who would like to wear their sunglasses for more than just sport.

    Airflow can be an issue with some tighter fitting full frame models, so it's of critical importance that we take this into account when designing full frame glasses for sport.

    The shape of the frame, the temples and the lens in combination with the fit on an individual's face is what determines if there will be the right amount of coverage to protect against the elements.

    Within this collection, there are models for sport and casual use. The casual pieces are made with the same high-performance lens and frame materials as those intended for sport use, so no matter what your selection, you can be sure that you're not compromising on quality. A design that had seen much love over the years for its low profile fit.


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