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Human Kinetics Running Well ISBN-13: 9780736077453


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Nothing beats the pleasure of running. Unfortunately, many runners are slowed down by injuries that could be avoided through changes in training or technique.

That’s where Running Well comes in. Based on the latest scientific principles, this accessible guide shows you these techniques:

  • How to minimize the risk of injury and stay healthy
  • The differences between training and straining
  • How to strengthen and maintain the primary running muscles
  • Ways of assessing and improving technique
  • How to recognize injuries early on and avoid more serious setbacks
  • And if you do get injured, Running Well will return you to action quickly. Sections devoted to each bodily region detail common symptoms and causes of discomfort. You’ll learn how to treat the injury, know when to seek help, and know how to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

    From avoiding overtraining to increasing flexibility, Running Well has everything you need to keep you running all year round so that you sprint—not limp—to the all-important finish line.


    Part 1: How to run
    Chapter 1 Top form
    How to assess and improve your running technique
    Chapter 2 Gearing up and winding down
    How to warm up and cool down effectively
    Chapter 3 Freedom of movement
    The lowdown on flexibility and stretching
    Chapter 4 Down to earth
    The importance of what’s on your feet and under them

    Part 2: Smarter training
    Chapter 5 Balancing act
    The art and science of training
    Chapter 6 Smart sessions
    How to vary your training sessions
    Chapter 7 Inner strength
    A guide to core stability for runners
    Chapter 8 Cross purposes
    Making cross-training work for you
    Chapter 9 Food and drink
    The role of good nutrition and hydration

    Part 3: Damage limitation
    Chapter 10 Injury time
    What to do if you get hurt
    The back
    The hip and pelvis
    The upper leg
    The knee
    The lower leg
    The foot and ankle
    Chapter 11 Back on track
    Returning to running after injury, illness, pregnancy – or just a little time off
    Chapter 12 First aid
    Prevention and treatment of common running ailments and annoyances


    Be Inspired, challenge yourself. Pick an event goal for yourself.

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