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Garmin Forerunner 225 w/ Wrist Heart Rate

Garmin Forerunner 225 w/ Wrist Heart Rate

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Regular Price: CA$354.99

Special Price: CA$220.00

Know your zone with Forerunner® 225 — the first Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate. Now you have the option to run without a strap because this watch has a built-in sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist. A colorful gauge shows your zone and beats per minute at a glance: warm-up (gray), easy (blue), aerobic (green), threshold (orange) or maximum (red). Create customized workouts or download free training plans at Garmin ConnectTM, send to your watch and get coach-like guidance. The 225 offers vibration alerts and a built-in accelerometer to record distance for treadmill workouts. Connected features include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing.

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Features & Benefits

  • New wrist-based heart rate allows you to run without a strap - built-in sensor to measure heart rate at the wrist.
  • A colorful gauge shows your zone at a glance: warm-up (gray), easy (blue), aerobic (green), threshold (orange) or maximum (red).
  • GPS-enabled, Forerunner 225 provides accurate distance and pace data. You can also view your run on a map when you upload to Garmin Connect.
  • A built-in accelerometer provides distance and pace data when you’re running indoors, with no need for a separate foot pod.
  • Instantly share details of your run with friends, family and the world via social media. Just pair to your compatible AndroidTM or Apple® device with Garmin ConnectTM Mobile and share.
  • Create custom, goal-oriented workouts with vibration alerts for time, distance, calories and heart rate.
  • Forerunner 225 doubles as a watch and activity tracker. Count steps, calories and distance throughout the day. The move bar with vibration alert motivates you to move when you’ve been sitting too long. Monitor the quality of rest with sleep monitoring at night.
    • Great update from my 410

      Review by Jim (Posted on 9/13/18)

      This has turned out to be a great update from my venerable 410. Now my runs/walks include cadence and heart rate information. The GPS seems to be more accurate as well. I'm glad Garmin went to push buttons - sliding your finger around the bezel was quite awkward for paging through activities on the 410. Since the 225 uses Bluetooth I can use the Garmin app on my phone to sync activities rather than having to use the ANT stick on my PC. Another bonus is that in the Garmin app it is much easier to edit activities than doing so on the web version of Garmin Connect.
    • Excellent and easy to use

      Review by budworm88 (Posted on 4/10/16)

      I love how it is easy to use and setup with training programs. Sits well on the arm. HR works well and GPS capture is fast. Easy to read the face of the watch.
    • How the heart rate monitor works for me!

      Review by Calvin Pitcher (Posted on 12/27/15)

      This is the third garmin HRM watch for me, had to return the previous two because the chest strap seems to only work for a couple months, returned with no problem..
      The Garmin 225 works great so far, the only problem is I can't wear it on the top side of my arm,I have to wear it on the underside because of my hairy arm, the HRM was raising when I wore it on the top side.
      Outherwise a great watch so far but a little harder to read now because of the way I have to read it while running.
    • Very simple to use and informative.

      Review by Sara Randall (Posted on 12/7/15)

      It is new to me after Black Friday sales. I'm very pleased.
    • Impressed so far

      Review by Tabbit (Posted on 8/11/15)

      I've had it for only a week but I have been pleased so far. I had a 305 for 6 years so I'm used to Garmin. There are quite a few pros with the 225: 1) larger, more readable numbers, 2) no straps for heart rate!!!, 3) keeps records of your best pace, longest distance, etc, 3) syncs with Garmin Connect without having to plug into my laptop (I download the runs on my smartphone using Bluetooth), 4) longer battery life than my 305, 5) menus more intuitive in my opinion, 6) buttons easier to push and more logical to use. My one complain so far is that the 225 is not sport specific like the 305 was. (You cannot specify the sport. I had read the reviews beforehand so I knew that before I purchased the 225.) The downside of that is the records are only applicable to the fastest sport. For example, I do a lot of cycling so my running records have been overwritten as soon as I took my first bike ride. Other than that, I really like the unit.
    • Not quite ready, but looks great

      Review by MATT FERGUSON (Posted on 8/6/15)

      A great looking watch that eliminates the need for a chest HRM strap ... just be prepared for it not to work with your computer or phone, or Garmin's software (try manually transferring data with Strava instead).

      PROS: Great looking, easily read display, wrist-based HRM

      CONS: Your Bluetooth probably won't connect, and if it does, it doesn't work with Garmin's software as well as the Forerunner 220. Try Strava instead ... if you're patient enough to manually transfer the data file by hand.
    • Worth the investment!

      Review by Steven Pedlow (Posted on 8/3/15)

      Given the price of this watch I was a little apprehensive to buy it - however it's done nothing but meet and exceed my needs since the purchase.

      It's simple to set up and during training clearly displays heart rate (zones default from the age you enter upon set-up), pace and distance.

      There's no hassle with connecting to GPS and I tried this in cottage country - with trees abound.

      I have no reservations about recommending this watch (and it's my first experience with Garmin too).
    • Love it so far!

      Review by JLouiseM (Posted on 7/27/15)

      I have been using the watch for about a week now, and run about 25 miles with it, including hill intervals and a treadmill workout. So far I have found the GPS and HRM very reliable. The GPS finds its signal significantly faster than my older Forerunner 10. Very pleased so far! Highly recommend.
    • Coach in a watch

      Review by Katelin (Posted on 7/13/15)

      So happy with this product! Upgraded from the Forerunner 10 and can't get over all of the features. Easy to use, nice display. lots of extras.
    • A wonderful watch

      Review by MARK PASHLEY (Posted on 7/6/15)

      I've never run with a running watch before so I had no preconceived ideas of what it should or shouldn't do. The watch itself is light and very easy to navigate. You really don't need a manual at all. All of the metrics seemed to be accurate having run the same route countless times. Overall I am very happy with this watch.

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