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Freshback Sport Machine Wash Kit

Freshback Sport Machine Wash Kit

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freshback is a scientific breakthrough offering the only long-lasting solution for keeping your clothing fresh, bacteria-free, and body-odour free. With freshback you can treat any new or used items of clothing just once and they will stay odourless for up to 1 year (or 25 washes).

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Laundry- with just a single treatment your clothes stay odourless during and after any activity, up to a year
  • Antibacterial- We use a special bonding treatment that creates a breathable, durable odour shield, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria
  • All Natural- is an all-natural treatment that contains no harsh chemical and is environmentally friendly
  • Purely Hygienic- stays fresh and odour free during and after wear with the highest level of hygiene
  • Colour and fabric safe- safe to treat any fabric or colour
    • Awesome & Effective Product!

      Review by Willa (Posted on 11/6/18)

      I know merino wool is supposedly odourless... but after many repeated wears, I found that a lot of my expensive Icebreaker merino clothing started having an odd, off-putting smell. No sports detergent would remove it.. except this one!!! Plus, I used it on al my other stinky clothing (sports & regular), as well!
      Just to re-iterate what the previous reviewer said: 1 full box is 1 use - it only does 1 load of laundry!!! It’s a treatment more than a detergent!!! I bought 2 boxes to get all my clothing done so as not to overload the machine.
      Also, as the previous reviewer said - read the instructions well - they are different for a front-loader than a top-loader.
      Anyway, I’m super stoked by the results and will be buying this great product again!!! It is expensive ... but it’s only needed once or twice a year and, for me it has extended the life of my clothes and I enjoy wearing them more! Highly recommend and I’m grateful to Running Room for selling it!!
    • AMAZING Stink insurance: Saved my running wardrobe + results lasted 10 months

      Review by Nimble (Posted on 6/28/18)

      I'm a sweaty beast who should've written a review last August when this magic product saved my running clothes + towels that had baked in stink. I really thought I was going to have to toss them after regular sports washes didn't work. This isn't like normal sports detergent: It's a one shot wash and you're covered through months of washes with no need to repeat. Read the instructions a few times before you tear into the package and then throw every stink permeated garment you own in (different instructions for top load versus front load machines). Afterward the smell was completely gone and stayed gone for 10 sweet smelling months. I just picked up my second box as a preemptive strike against an unpleasant whiff today. 1 box = one giant load. Take it from me, you need this stuff to take care of your gear.

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