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Mobile Fraud Policy

Running Room On-line Security Policy:

What we can do to protect ourselves - short of not accepting online credit card orders?

  1. No order is accepted unless complete information is provided including full address and phone numbers.

  2. We no longer accept any order originating from a free, web-based, or Email forwarding address - the customer must provide an ISP or domain based address. One that can be traced back to a "real" person.

  3. Since the list of these types of Email addresses is growing daily, we check every Email address. We don't accept orders unless the Email/domain is a legitimate website or ISP - something that can provide definitive identification of the Email address in question. This method is not full-proof. When in doubt, go to step number 4.

  4. If in doubt, we call the phone number listed on the order. We will alert many cardholders that their card information was being used by making this phone call. On the other hand, the party on the other end may have never heard of the "customer." This results in a call to the issuing bank of the credit card to alert their fraud department.

  5. Out of Country Orders:
    The last area of concern is shipping orders out of our own country. We will ship only within Canada if a Canadian order and use only our USA locations to ship to USA locations - no cross border shipping. We unfortunately can not ship outside of the continent due to issues related to freight costs and duty concerns.

  6. Matching order address to credit card applicant address.
We confirm in all cases the address and phone number supplied on the order matches that of the credit card applicant as verified by the credit card company. We may also call the purchaser back to verify the purchase.


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