Consumer Product Safety - Running Room’s Commitment

Running Room is committed to the health and safety of its customers including compliance with the regulatory framework for the products we sell. Running Room sells only products it believes are safe for our customers. However, there may be instances when products are deemed unsafe or potentially unsafe and are recalled.

Information & Communication

Running Room will communicate with employees and consumers in all instances where product is deemed to have a health and safety issue and or is recalled because of health and safety issues. Notice of such issues will be posted on this site and also associated to the Running Rooms various social networks.

Responsibilities of each group include the following:

Store Manager / Staff
    • Will notify Running Room lead buyer if:
      • If a customer returns a product or otherwise advises you that a product may be unsafe or
      • If you come across any information that makes you believe a product is unsafe
    • Follow instructions from home office regarding product recalls.
Head Buyer
    • Be aware of the regulations in each jurisdiction Running Room operates in as it relates to required notifications to regulatory bodies. Ensure notifications to the regulatory bodies are made where required;
    • Investigate any notifications from stores or complaints from customers regarding potentially unsafe products;
    • Ensure recalled products are properly removed from stores and follow regulatory body instructions, if any; and
    • Consider notifying customers through social media, Running Room website, or emails where products sold are deemed unsafe or potentially unsafe;

Current Notifications:

At this time Running Room is not aware of any product recalls related to potential health and safety issues. Should there be a concern the notice will be posted on this page.



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