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IceSpike Deluxe Package

$24.99 CAD

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  • Outstanding traction on any treacherous surface or rugged terrain in any season
  • Eliminates need for slip-on straps, chains, coils or other bulky attachments
  • Unsurpassed in stability, security, comfort and durability by any other product
  • Easily installed on any running or walking shoes, work or hiking boots, or waders
  • Deluxe package includes 32 spikes plus one precision ICESPIKE installation tool
  • Icespike is the innovative new traction system that gives maximum stability and control without chains, straps or coils!  Icespike is easily installed directly on to the soles of shoes or boots.  The unique composition of the lightweight spikes delivers superior grip and are designed to be self-cleaning of snow and ice buildup or debris.  You can run, walk or hike with confidence and have the freedom to maintain your normal gait and pace.  Icespike is the most versatile of all traction systems.  They are effective on any terrain – from snow and ice to slippery roots, rocks and mud.  Icespike will never shift, break or need adjustment and can even be worn on dry pavement.  Icespike is easily removed and does not affect the integrity of the sole.  Icespike’s long-lasting durability makes it economical – and one size fits all!

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