Questions about bras for running? We’ve got you covered. Check out our fit tips, measuring guide, and solutions to common issues.

Fit Fundamentals

Check the bottom band

Make sure the bottom band is snug and lies flat across your back — not riding up or loose around your rib cage.

Then check the cups

The cups should fit smoothly — spilling out the sides or front means the cup size is too small, while extra space means the cups are too big.

Last thing: the straps

Straps should lie smoothly against your skin, without sliding around or digging uncomfortably into your skin.

For all you DIY lovers

How to measure your bra size

1. Get everything you need

You’ll need a flexible tape measure. It’s also best to wear a bra that doesn’t change your shape — no padding or compression. You can also just skip the bra.

2. Figure out your band size

Measure around your rib cage where the bottom band would sit. The tape measure should feel quite snug. If you get a fraction, round down to the nearest inch. Using the above chart, find your corresponding band size based on your measurement.

3. Figure out your cup size

Measure around the fullest part of your boobs — which may not be the center — and round up to the nearest inch. Then subtract your rib cage measurement. The difference in inches is your suggested cup size. If you get a fraction, round up to the larger size.


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