Valeo Resistance Kit - 3 Pack

Valeo Resistance Kit - 3 Pack

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English 3 pack includes light, medium & heavy resistance tubes 4' of durable rubber tubing for smooth consistent stretch. Cushioned foam handles for comfort.

Resistance Band Kit
Have you been looking at a new workout program but can’t afford a gym membership? Well look no further! For just $29.99 you can have your own resistance band toning kit. This great kit gives you 3 different resistances to tone your body, strengthen your muscles and help correct your posture.
Using a band requires more balance and coordination which will end up forcing you to use more muscles groups to stabilize your body. With the bands you can target specific muscle groups, or smaller muscles, much easier than with heavy weights. Bands will also offer you more variety because you can create resistance in all directions. Since there are 3 different resistances based on the colour of band, you can easily change the difficulty level. The bands are extremely lightweight and portable so you can workout at home or bring them with you when you travel.
Pick up your Resistance Band Kit today and start doing your bicep curls and shoulder press exercises today!
-By Shawn Dickie
Merivale Running Room
Ottawa, ON

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